Technology Takes Place – 12 String Acoustic Guitar – Music Video 🎸 🎬

Technology Takes Place - 12 String Original Guitar by Ylia Callan

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Technology Takes Place Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

And all I want to say.
There is another way.
I made it on my own.
And you can do the same.

And if you wonder where I’ve gone.
I’ll tell you in this song.
I’m out here living days.
Wasted paper chasing waves.

The infos in your hand.
Learn and love and make a plan.
Or turn and walk away.
Life is here for you to change.

And if you wonder where I am.
I’m dreaming of your hands.
And I want to take your place.
And see the world in grace.

It’s time to walk away.
And learn from our mistakes.
And be the change we seek.
Help others to succeed.

And I’ll be waiting here.
I’ll see you after fear.
And hope can take its fate.
A smile that’s in its face.

And now I’ll show my hands.
Talking slowly through the sand.
And time will make my base.
Gods island in my wake.

Technology Takes Place Art πŸ–ŒοΈ

Ylia Callan Guitarist Technology Takes Place Official music Video
Technology Takes Place
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