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Silent Doorways is the sixth 12 string acoustic song written for my album called Seeing Sound. It is another old song that I wrote years ago and repackaged a new. Well not really, as I can only remember the first couple of chords, but it went a little something like that. The lyrics are words without words but with a meaning that describe looking up for the capital gains without realising that it is not actually a gain. Rather a loss in my opinion. I guess it depends on oneโ€™s perspective. When I looked down the rabbit hole far enough, I came to the conclusion that it is the little things in life that can be the most rewarding. Time, experience and emotions are high on the list for me. Materialistic matter, career and high social status are on the bottom.

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Silent Doorways Lyrics ๐ŸŽ™๏ธ

Now Iโ€™m staring at the ceiling.
With a focus on the feeling.
Seeing light outside the fable.
And the stars are making stairways through the oceans in my mind.

When thereโ€™s something in the doorway.
And no birds outside my window.
Iโ€™ll be walking through the mountains.
Where the silence starts to open up the doorways in my heart.

Now thereโ€™s smoke inside the hallway.
And no mirrors on the fable, taking photos in the dark.

When theyโ€™re staring from the ceiling.
Shouting fight down on the table stealing photons from our heart.

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