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About the Mycelium Multiverse

Mycelium could be an important part of the earth’s neural network that allow fungi and plants to communicate and to transfer resources. Humans are more closely related to fungi than to any other kingdom and much like humans, fungi breathe oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Fungi has shown through experiments, that it has the ability to solve complex problems and also to save information in cellular memory for hundreds if not thousands of years (most likely forever).

Fungi is an unexplored frontier of cutting edge science and also spirituality that has the potential to change the world. And I think it already is and has been from well before the existence of plants and animals. Theoretically a fungi can live forever and travel through interstellar space to colonise new planets and bring about life in much the same way it has evolved here on earth.

Going deeper, the universe is most likely a collection of multiverses that all exist within the greater cosmos. Different dimensions could be seen as strings, particles, atoms, single cells, bacteria, life and reality as we see it and beyond. Within some of the primary dimensions or even within all dimensions of reality lays the ability for all matter within the cosmos to communicate and evolve intelligently. “Everything is connected”.

Mycelium Multiverse guitar instrumental is inspired by the work of Paul Stamets, who I discovered while watching a fascinating movie called Fantastic Fungi. I have since started a mission to watch every video of him in existence.

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Mycelium Multiverse 360 VR Video and Audio 🎸 πŸ”Š 🌐 360 Virtual Reality Videos on YLIA CALLAN GUITAR
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