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Collective Frontier Lyrics πŸŽ™οΈ

The light is on our side.
When nothing’s by yourself.
We meet the maker, feat the taker,
holding us sublime, it comes from all our ties.

Out wandering on the street.
The crossroads of one’s life.
We take the leap and walk outside and step inside the mind,
leave nothing left behind.

The grass has grown outshined.
When there’s nothing left behind.
We break the fears and hold those tears,
there’s something on the rise, it comes from all our minds.

The thread that hold our fate.
A code that creates change.
It’s written deep inside the space, in unknown mystery ways,
it comes to those who change.

Collective Frontier Original Lyrics Image - Ylia Callan
Collective Frontier Original Lyrics

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Ylia Callan Guitar - Collective Frontier Album Cover
Collective Frontier
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