Ylia Callan Music Videos

All my original singer songwriter songs including music videos for you to listen to until the cows come home.

Static Rise Acoustic Music Video 🎸 🎬

https://youtu.be/QWLNUmNne8g Static Rise Audio Static Rise Lyrics 🎙️ This life is just a moment. Travelling through our mind. When silence…

5 months ago

Silent Doorways Acoustic Music Video by 12 String Guitarist Ylia Callan

https://youtu.be/_3EflSDQhvA Silent Doorways Audio Song Silent Doorways Lyrics 🎙️ Now I'm staring at the ceiling. With a focus on the…

5 months ago

Magic Intent Acoustic Music Video – 12 String Original 🎸 🎬

https://youtu.be/dZEW98jf8Ng Magic Intent Audio Song Magic Intent Lyrics 🎙️ Explain the unexplained. From myth into science. Electro magnetics. Feeling time…

6 months ago

Sound in Light 12 String Guitar Music Video 🎸 🎬

https://youtu.be/yHkN2VnvZxU Sound in Light Audio Song Sound in Light Lyrics 🎙️ If you wake up in the dark. Change pathways…

6 months ago

Not Facing Down 12 String Guitarist Music Video 🎸 🎬 By Ylia Callan Guitar

https://youtu.be/YgU3s6ORAio Find Not Facing Down Audio here. Not Facing Down Lyrics 🎙️ Not facing down. When things are changing now.…

6 months ago

Journey Through Space Acoustic 12 String Guitar Music Video 🎸 🎬

https://youtu.be/hHcRJot0HYc Find Journey Through Space Audio Song here. Journey Through Space Lyrics 🎙️ On a journey through the space. A…

6 months ago