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Musician Bio

Acoustic folk roots and rock singer songwriter from Uki, NSW Australia. I embrace the mistakes. If reality TV became a thing, then I’m all for reality music? All my tracks are live recordings and you may hear things like rain, birds chirping, dog barking and other random noises in the background. I believe there is no such thing as a mistake in life or in music. If we learn and evolve from our mistakes and let it be a lesson, then it becomes a positive. The so called mistakes take music somewhere new and after many years of practice I learnt to make up for them by improvising to make it work, and often covering my tracks with something flash.

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Music Bio Continued

I started playing guitar pretty early in my life, I can’t remember how old, somewhere in between 5 and 8. My Mother was a singer and father a classical, acoustic and electric guitar player, so it’s in my DNA, while my right hand is natural and seems to play automatically to some extent. My left hand on the other hand, took years of practice, patients and dedication. If one practices for 10 minutes a day, one can improve by the end of the year. An hour a day, in a matter of months. 8 hours a day and one might end up like Jimi Hendrix. See my Top 10 Tips for Learning the Guitar here.

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Musical History

I started playing the acoustic guitar I purchased at the local markets for 50 bones in the beginning. I had a few guitar lessons, where I learnt basic chords, the minor and major scale, string names, music notes and tone tone semitone tone tone tone semitone. Guitar basics that are vital to continue learning music the right way. I played bass from about 14 – 20 years old in a few different bands. I had one singing lesson when I was about 25 and I learnt how to breath and push from the stomach, I had no idea before that and still have to remind myself not to be a guitar goat sometimes.

Music Style

I play mostly fingerstyle and fingerpicking acoustic guitarist instrumentals with some melodic, roots, folk, slide, blues and acoustic rock. I mainly play a Fender 12 string acoustic guitar in a variety of tunings including Standard, DADGAD, Easy Open C and Low C. I used to play on a Maton and Takamine 6 string guitar, but since moving over to the 12-String , I find the 6 Strings a little bit limiting and guitar goat boring.

Recording music on an 8 track reel to reel Revox in my youth - Ylia Callan Guitar

8 track reel to reel Revox.

Recording Studio

I started recording my own music early in my youth. My dad gave me a second hand 8 track reel to reel multitrack recorder, most people would have no idea what that is, but they are very large and heavy and the sound quality is nothing like what is achievable today. In my twenties, I was using mini discs, which are a far cry better and smaller than the 8 track reel to reel. Today I use a macbook and mobile phones and the sound quality might not be perfect, like in an expensive modern studio, but it is far superior to even the best quality cassette tapes that I grew up listening to. I don’t use any expensive software or hardware. I record with an iPhone, Samsung phone and my laptop. I use a free app called Audio Copy to record the music and then put it through Garageband to tweek the effects. I then put it all together in iMovie to make videos.

Recording music on a mini-disk player in my twenties - Ylia Callan Guitar

Recording on a mini-disk player.

Musical Influences

In no particular order, but my all time favourite guitarist is John Butler. There is a lot of other musicians that I have not listed, because it might take up the whole page. A lot of my own music reminds me of the soundtracks to surf videos I used to watch when growing up. I started out playing bass in a bluesband and then got into heavy metal and punk surf rock. After that I got into roots music and then finally acoustic music. Music to me is a communication of vibrations, the underlying code of the universe. Happy music is not my thing, I would rather have an emotional effect, but at the end of the day, I just play what comes out. Music influencers: John Butler Trio – Buddy Guy – Jimi Hendrix – Pink Floyd – Led Zeppelin – Ben Harper – Jack Johnson – Pearl Jam – Audioslave – Soundgarden – Damien Rice – The Beatles – Newton Faulkner – The Doors – Cream – Eric Clapton – Tool – Fleetwood Mac – Sungha Jung – Gabriella Quevedo – Tommy Emmanuel.

Ylia Callan's Musical Influencers - John Butler - Buddy Guy - Jimi Hendrix - Jack Johnson - John Lennon

John Butler – Buddy Guy – Jimi Hendrix – Jack Johnson – John Lennon

Guitar Goat Songwriting

I try to write somewhat unique songs in the sense that most of my lyrics are a story start to finish without repeating a chorus. Along with guitar fills instead of standard verse chorus verse chorus song structures. The words and meaning stem from what I’m passionate about in life, my experiences and understanding but I also think it might be channeling information from the universe and though it is hard to explain, I’ll give it a go. There is two voices in the mind. The consciousness and the ego. The consciousness channels information from the universe through the heart and the ego is a collection of one’s past experiences in life. I try to shut off my ego and just listen to the consciousness. Let the story write itself, so to speak. I might be completely wrong but that is all I have to say about it. I guess the most important thing I can say about my songwriting comes from learning through other great artists music and storytelling. Learning their songs and analysing how a good story is told. Creating an introduction a body and a conclusion. There is also the hook, line and sinker method. Laying a hook in the beginning to encapsulate the listener, maybe asking a question. Then tell the story as the body or line. Finally the sinker at the end, which is when the question is answered or the story is concluded. Well at least that is partly what I try to do. For me it is just a lifelong hobby and passion. As for the guitar riffs and songs, I try to play without thinking. Practicing until it is like riding a bike and I don’t have to think about it. Although I still look at my left hand to make sure it hits the right fret positions, especially when moving more than three frets in a chord change or guitar riff.

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